Advent: Day 17

(full disclosure: this was for yesterday)

My sweet children love to know what their names mean.  Lately they’ve taken to adding the meaning to the recitation of their names… i.e.  “I’m Margret Pearl” or “I’m Louisa Joy Mighty Warrior.”  It makes us laugh, but also rejoice.  The meaning of names is vital.  My eldest, the Pearl, loves that her name means something beautiful.  My current youngest, to no surprise, fits the warrior bill quite well as a second child and feisty two year old.

My imagination runs wild with ideas when I see my own children playing with their names.  What did a 2 year old Jesus do.  “My name is Jesus Immanuel Prince of Peace Horn of Salvation Tender Shoot Lion Of…..” and then he’d be interrupted by his parents.  I can only imagine that this was the conversation that Joseph had with Jesus as he was putting him to sleep and trying to tiptoe out of the room.  You parents out there know that when you’re moving to the door the sneakiness comes out.  “Papa, tomorrow I….. want….. toooooooooooo” and the thought never really finishes, but you feel beholden to lend an ear.

I love the names of Jesus and as a kid made ornaments out of paper, coloring in a picture of one of the names.  Each of us brothers as well as mom and dad were given a few names of Christ to draw up on a small circle of paper.  We could do it in any way we wanted.  These were then “framed” with red construction paper and strung through with thread so they’d hold on a tree.  They never ended up on our tree, but we had a marvelous garland in the kitchen where they would be added after reading the corresponding passage at the dinner table.  It was a wonderful memory and my parents still have them.  I think we’re a few years and for sure one, but maybe two children away from doing the same at our household.  Many blogs and websites have their own templates for doing this sort of thing.  I’d encourage any and everyone to make an effort on this.  There are fewer more important things than knowing the depth of who Christ is.  The importance of the meaning and history of a name can’t be understated.  What a great transition from the meaning of each child’s name to the meaning of the Maker.


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