Advent: Day 15

Acceptance is a big word.  A big one.  A cultural buzz word along with Tolerance and Diversity.  Not that those are bad words, just that it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing them.  While searching for what to write about, reading, re-reading, I came across a simple heading.  A heading placed on a set of paragraphs in the version of the Gospels penned by Matthew.  It was added by a publishing house acting, undoubtably, with Joy and Jesus in their hearts, but the words are far from canonical.  Needless to say it stuck with me.

“Joseph Accepts Jesus as His Son.” Those are indeed huge words.  Nowadays we men are part of the birth.  We’re often in attendance, whether on the ground or not.  A portion of society opines that there is no choice in whether you accept a child born to you, it is your child, plain and simple.  There are countries, and opinions, and talk-shows that would deem otherwise, but largely we accept our children.  Not so, once. So how monumental is it that Joseph, this father who had nothing physical to do with this child, would out of trust, accept this boy as his son.  I think far more than we know.


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