Advent: Day 12

Delivery: “The act of giving birth” (definition #5)

Delivery: “The act of releasing or rescuing” (definition #7)

What’s amazing to me is how these two are so woven into the Advent story.  God’s story of deliverance was needed because of sin’s curse in the garden.  The curse that bound man to the ground and the woman to the pain of childbirth.  It was then that pregnancy ended in delivery, in deliverance from the pain, from all of the things inherant in giving birth.  Now we have delivery rooms.  Rooms to provide shelter during the painful deliverance.  I pondered this word this morning as I listened to Pastor Ron Block read from his rewritten Advent Narrative.  His emphasis on deliverance beginning so long ago and culminating in the birth of Christ.  The word wove through and beyond just the deliverance of the Mother, but deep into the deliverance of the people of Israel and of all those who believe.  While Mary was being delivered, the world was as well.  Definition #7 via definition #5.  Both macro and micro.

What a beautiful narrative!  What a phenomenal God we serve!


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