Advent: Day 3

Do you know where this comes from?

“He will teach parents how to love their children.  He will also teach people who don’t obey to be wise and do what is right.”

That’s right… Luke.  How is it that after so many years of reading and studying one book can I stumble across something so basic and so amazing.  This is about the camel skin guy, the bugs and sugar in the wilderness guy.  John the Baptist… he “will teach parents how to love their children.”  That was the proclamation to Zechariah in the temple the day his birth was foretold.  What a word!  Did Zechariah think of friends who’s kids only taught them to go nuts?  Did Zechariah flash in his head to his decendant Eli and his disobedient sons?  Was he worried about this “how to love your children” statement?  He certainly was silenced for his astonishment at the prophecy, but perhaps a greater shift made itself known.  What do so many of us say now, regarding our children?  

“They teach me a lot more than I teach them.”

“I think they love more selflessly than I do.”

“What a marvel they are!”

Facebook is filled with quotes from children.  Youtube is packed, nearly as much with cat videos, with kids saying the “darndest” things or lavishing innocent wisdom.  So perhaps that day in the temple we began to picture children differently.  Zechariah had a promise that his child would teach parents to love their children.  This in spite of parents being harsh and overbearing and worried and downright negligent.  Not to say that this isn’t present now.  John taught Zechariah how to love children, by being a child.  John taught others, perhaps with his father by his side (beautiful speculation isn’t it!).  



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