Advent: Day 2

Matthew’s Account...

A poem for that day…

The beauty was, they all had known,

 that the Angel Gabriel’d shown

that trusting was the order here

that neither had no more to fear.

The Christ child born, the visitor’s come

yet still they’d heard it time to run.

It helps to carry little more

than camel hair to be used for

a tiny babe, to swaddle tight

to cuddle in the desert night.

Held close to chest and rocked to sleep

the baby let out ne’er a peep.

Confident they were, and yet,

They looked back to the barn again.

The stable with it’s foot worn hay

had become much more that day

All wrapped up in nails and boards

they’d heard the angel strike a chord,

they’d heard the shepherds oooh and ahhh,

They’d heard the magi from afar.

It had become a womb of life

so stepping out into the night

had not been comfortable, good, or safe

but step they had out from that place

And truth began, a truth marrow deep

as parents stood before the sheep

before the cow, before the horse

before their winding fleeing course

Taking deep breaths and holding hands

they eyed the babe, each other, the sand

and stepped, and stepped, and stepped

and even though while Ramah wept

it’s Savior had at last come in

to save each and all from sin.




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