A Song and a Chase

This has nothing to do with Paul Simon, well maybe a little.  This year is the celebration of the 25th year anniversary of the release of Graceland, one of the best albums ever… ever (Please go out and buy it).  Songwriters are storytellers, Simon being one of the best.  Others that I can name off the top of my head are modern greats such as Josh Ritter, Sufjan Stevens, Sam Beam (Iron and Wine), Andrew Peterson, Patrick Watson.  However, it is rarely flipped the other way or at least written about.  Storytellers, writers, are not song men/women.  We are, however, heavily influenced by music.  I heard once that Maurice Sendak wrote most/all of his books under the influence of Mozart.  I don’t lean that classical, but I do put my headphones on and tune into the world I’m writing.  The music helps get me there.  (Thanks to Largeheartedboy.com for melding the two, storytelling and music making, in the fantastic weekly post “Book Notes”)

Music is always hovering just behind a good book.  I’ve loved paging through the last pages of Donald Miller books only because he lists the music that was his soundtrack to his writing.  My last writing endeavor I spent most of my time listening to, a now defunct band, Anathallo (geniuses in their own right).  This novel is going to be/sound different.  I know there is going to be a chase scene.

It will sound like this.


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